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CT Culdi’s Hearts On Fire VCD1 HSAs RAE NAP OJP OFP

November 30, 1997 - October 11, 2011
CH Brookehaven Caralon Heartthrob x CH Hungry Heart O’ Culdi AX AXJ OAP AJP CD HS RN
Bred by Stephanie Snide
Owned by Kate Eldredge

Flash was my first dog, and joined our household on Valentine’s Day 1998 when I was 7. Flash has a ton of moxie and drive, and so was a little bit much for a kid’s first dog, but despite our handicaps (aka: me) we learned the ropes of the dog world together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tracking is Flash’s greatest claim to fame, as she became the 10th Pem to earn a Champion Tracker. At 18, I was also the youngest handler to do so. Flash had gotten her TD when she was still pretty young, and then we moved on to other things for a couple years until tracking came back on my radar. After three years of trying, she got her TDX at Golden Triangle’s 2008 test (our third try at that test – the third time really is a charm!) in the gopher field. We had also been working on VST, and after over an hour of working through parking lots and crowds of people in 80 degrees and bright sun, Flash passed in Whitewater, WI on July 5, 2009. Flash and I were also the first junior-handler team to earn the Versatile Companion Dog 1 title and the first to earn a Rally Advanced Excellent title.

Though Flash and I accomplished a lot, comedy is the name of her game. In obedience at our 4H county fair she would roll in sheep poop, eat gross things, and try to dig a hole to China on stays. When we moved on to Open obedience she thoroughly impressed one judge by barking with her dumbbell in her mouth. In agility it was always one thing or another – knocking bars, launching herself off the end of the teeter before it tipped, or barking so hard she fell off the table.

Our Junior Showmanship career was intermittent, as I mostly used the Tervs or my Aussie Tia. However as Flash got older I decided to bring her in as my pinch hitter when Queezle was out of coat. Her pizzazz makes her an excellent show dog, but for only so long – she gets bored. If it was a big class (and Open Senior often was), we would have to revert to tricks to keep her busy, not to mention quiet. The upside was that we also kept the crowd happy – everyone loved watching the wild Corgi do tricks. One time she waved at the judge after I put her on the table.

When the judge declared that Flash and I were first, you could have knocked over anyone in or near the ring, my mom and myself included! When I qualified for Westminster for the first time in 2009, I decided to take Flash with me – the odds of me winning Westminster even with Queezle were slim, and I knew Flash would love the city. She did, and although we didn’t make a single cut, we had a blast.

Flash retired in the fall of 2010 when she started showing signs of degenerative myelopothy. She went downhill pretty fast over the winter, losing most of the muscle in her hind legs. She has also lost most of her hearing, but continues to trundle around as well as she can. Her days consist of eating, barking and sleeping in the bathroom, and as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

Flash with Kate Eldredge

Kate & Flash 2005
Flash jumping on the agility course

Flash Variable Surface Tracking
Variable Surface Tracking

Photo by Ed Presnall

Photo by Ed Presnall
2009 Westminster Kennel Club

Westminster Kennel Club 2009

Photo by Cindy Read

Flash, Summer 2010

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